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We specialise in the supply of electric motors for the marine industry from our stock points in the Netherlands, Denmark, the UK, Italy, Portugal, Germany, and Spain . 

In the case where a motor doesn't fit standard measures, we do modifications to suit the motor required. We can also have a motor made from factory within specified delivery times.


The electric motors we offer are available in a wide range of technical specifications:

· Frame size 56 – 400
· Output 0.27kW – 500kW
· Poles 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10
· Voltage 230V – 6.6kV
· Mounting B3, B14, B34, B35, B5, V1
· Explosion proof (E)EXD execution
· Marine (GL) execution
among others

Turning down of shaft for an EEC motor modified to Japanese standard.

Coupling specially made for Hyundai motor to compensate for shaft differences.


We also specialize in replacing expensive electric motors with our high quality and cheaper brand, EMI- MOTORS®.

Effectively, we always attach drawings for double-checking the measurements.

When replacing an electric motor of any make and standard, we always take great care to make sure we get all the information we need in order to supply a suitable replacement.


Electric motors that drive Compressors, Windlass, Auxiliary blowers and burners, Heaters, Purifiers, Fans, Wipers, Gears, Boilers, Ballast pumps and other General pumps, Decks, coupling chains, Actuators, Accumulators and many other machines are all available.


If no drawing is available please ask Chief Engineer to fill in this datasheet for the following details:

  • Make and type

  • Voltage

  • Frequency

  • KW Rating: (for multi speed motors KW rating for each speed)

  • Amps

  • Foot Mounted (yes/No)

  • Flange Mounted (Yes/No)

  • Flange outer diameter if any

  • Shaft Diameter

  • Shaft length

  • If foot mounted distance from foot to shaft center

  • Keyway width

  • IP Class (IP 55 or other)

replacement motors
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