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Logistics and Forwarding


As we all know it is extremely important that an electric motor reaches the vessel on time in order to avoid huge extra cost such as port charges, if the vessel can sail at all without the motor.

The standard procedure when you order an electric motor from us is as follows:-

Air Freight

  • You place an order with ships agent details if known;

  • We start to prepare the motor, it takes typically 1-2 hours. At this stage, all technical information is checked again. This includes both mechanical dimensions and electrical data

  • We contact ships agent to confirm everything is ok with vessel schedule and so on.

  • Copy of proforma invoice and AWB is automatically sent to everybody involved. This in general, our case handler, your Purchaser/Superintendent and Ships agent

Sea and Courier

The above procedure applies but naturally with ''Bill of Lading'' document or Tracking number

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