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Electric motors for Scrubber Systems

We have been in the marine industry for years now supplying different application of motors such as Compressors, Fans, Pumps, Winches, Thrusters etc.

With the high demand for wet scrubbers systems in recent years, we have also focussed on the supply of electric motors for scrubbers system applications. This follows the new IMO environmental rules on ships that deal with sulphur-based fuels. 

We have motors that can be used in pumps and fans that are part of the scrubber systems in the marine industry.

We have detailed knowledge of the supplies of these electric motors that comply with all the market requirements of these scrubber systems. 

We offer fast delivery of these motors since we understand that these can be urgently needed.

In case the motors are special, we can do some modifications within short lead time. 

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